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Young Children's Center for The Arts

"The mission ofYoung Children’s Center For The Arts  is to educate and enrich the lives of infants, toddlers and preschoolers through the creative arts."

"YCCA prides itself on being one of the few area Early Childhood Centers that not only accepts children with disabilities including but embraces the opportunity. We successfully help these children to thrive both within our inclusive school environment and in the outside world." Click to check out their website and read more

"The most important task of a pre-school facility is to provide the ideal learning environment for its students. A safe, warm, caring, nurturing and stimulating environment best facilitates the learning process. Within safety and warmth, children can explore their limitless potential without fear, and with the knowledge that their achievement will be recognized as valuable."  

"Wonderful teachers, fantastic art, music and movement programming and truly dedicated owners. Ycca is truly a unique school. The staff work tirelessly to provide a warm and enriching environment and my boys have grown and blossomed in so many ways."

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