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The Christina Pirello Health Education Initiative

"The purpose of The Christina Pirello Health Education Initiative is to change our relationship with food. With education as its foundation, the goal of The Initiative is to provide specifically designed programs to our schools, communities and the food industry itself because you can’t change the system from the outside."



Food Education / Food Access

"Imagine for a moment being only 26 years old with your whole life ahead of you and hearing these words: You have terminal cancer. You have only months to live.

This is what happened to Christina Pirello. When doctors gave her little reason for hope because of the advanced stage of her leukemia, she decided to take a trip to Italy. What happened instead is nothing short of miraculous. She changed her diet." So starts a 2010 (updated 2020) interview on NamelyMarly.Com w/ Christina Pirello Click here for full interview

Taken from the above interview, Christina remarked on how she felt led to starting an NFP: "I’ve been volunteering in inner-city schools for the last 10 years and I would come home and rant for days. I would tell my husband, “I can’t believe how they feed these kids!” About three years ago my husband said, “Why don’t we start a nonprofit and try to make some changes?'”

In 1983, Christina Pirello, Emmy Award-winning host of the national public television series "Christina Cooks", was diagnosed with terminal cancer and fought her way back to robust good health through her zest for life and an alternative nutritional approach.  

About Christina Pirello

Writing about her initiative's history and focus, Christina explains the fundamental introspective process which led her and her husband to change their lives and those of tens of thousands.

"That question was answered for us right out of the gate as the show quickly gained national attention, and our website exploded with upwards of 60,000 visitors weekly, along with thousands of questions from people about cooking and various health conditions.

As a cancer survivor, I felt their need. I quickly realized that my television show was the biggest classroom in the world...

... that’s the good news.

The bad news is that because of my high standards when it comes to the quality of food, my sponsor lists are limited to those companies that are driven by integrity, sustainability, making a lighter tread on our fragile planet and that make food that promotes wellness.

While it’s not the job of a corporation to worry about your health, I like to associate with companies who think about their customers’ health and the future we are leaving to our kids and their kids and their kids."

About the Health Education Initiative

"Christina holds a

faculty position at Drexel University, where she lectures as a professor of culinary arts. She also serves on the board of The Farm Market Trust, The Green Council of Philadelphia, The Green City Youth Council of Philadelphia, The Chefs for Humanity Chef’s Council and is a member of IACP (International Association of Culinary Professionals) and Women Chefs and Restaurateurs."

Huffington Post Profile of Christina Pirello

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