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The Bagel Place

An courageously run business.

Southwark / Queen Village

Progressive Business

Breakfast & Lunch

The Bagel Place is a LiveCarePhilly favorite.

I met Ringo Roseman (the owner) and Leo (at the time, his baker shown on right) a couple years ago. Long story short I was in need of a part time gig, they had a reputation that made me curious and The Bagel Place was within walking distance of my apt.

Sitting down with the both of them to interview I realized quickly this wasn't just a delicious and creative breakfast / lunch spot, this was a pioneering business. From The Bagel Place's in house methods, standards, and ethical employer practices to their community involvement, considerations and support; Ringo has demonstrated how large a pioneering footprint 1 small business can make.

There is so much kerfuffle over progressive employee practices. Next time you're in Queen Village / Southwark, stop by The Bagel Place. When you leave or better yet, after you are done enjoying your food ask yourself if the atmosphere, the service, the price, the culture or anything else about our experience made any of the following stand out:

-$15.00 starting wage -Full employee benefits offered at 26 hours per week

-150% ADA compliant space -Gender Equality Advocation

-Energy Efficient Practices -From Scratch Food Preperation

-Supporter of Multiple NFP's -Free Space for Community Programs

-Local School Partner -Compost Program / Minimal Waste Practices

-Ethical Ingredient Selection -Sensory Kits for Autistic Customers

-Brail Menu's for Blind Customers

... it goes on. Now I have been personally involved with the progressive food industry of Philadelphia for 15 years. In Philadelphia there are a wealth of wonderful food & beverage operations that sacrifice and strive to do good. And while I do love learning about these places as I frequent them (Amalgam Cafe, Freda Cafe, White Dog) and think it is so extremely important they inspire others by touting showcasing remarkable achievements, The Bagel Place notably stays unassuming in their mission.

The most you'll ever see of their efforts are in small postcards or notices around the establishment. When first I met Ringo I was frustrated by the lack of self admonishment. We clicked pretty quick and talked shop openly and frequently. Quickly my frustration became admiration as I realized how sincerely Ringo did what he does as a matter of simply conscious and not as a pioneering effort. To him offering above standard dignity to employee & custome; taking home less so that even those that don't give him anything can take something; not only not cutting corners but leaving plenty of room around them is simply how he has to behave. It is not for any specific end, it's just his day to day.

I was able to convince Ringo to let me design and hang a banner over the creamer station which touches on some of the organizations The Bagel Place seeks to support and some of the things they do which I am so often impressed by.

But while I think it is critical people like Arielle of Amalgam Comics & Cafe not only tell but document, spread and archive their stories I have come to love how unassuming the strong pioneering spirit of The Bagel Place is.

You could come here 100 times and never realize what you've supported because what ultimately is most important to Ringo is you, your experience.



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