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Fleisher Art Memorial

Extra-Ordinary source of artistic inspiration, work and history. Explore this unique cultural melting pot or better, schedule a class.

Fleisher is a prominent and thriving community arts center, celebrated as one of the first in the nation. Fleisher serves over 16,000 annually, with 1,702 young people attending our tuition-free classes and low-cost workshops, 3,820 adults taking free and low-cost classes and workshops, 358 children and youth being served in public schools and community centers throughout Southeast Philadelphia, and 8,430 visitors to our galleries annually.

Thousands of young people toil during the day whose lives are unavoidably cast upon a background of routine and sameness—the world’s work must be done—to them should be offered pastures where beauty and inspiration may be gathered, places where rich and poor alike may give expression to their finer emotions—playgrounds for the soul.” -Samuel S. Fleisher

Visit Fleisher.Org to discover their extensive listings for programs, classes, community events and so much more. Just a few examples are below but don't think they'll give you any idea on the range of awesomeness emanating from this local gem.

Teen Lounge

Teen Lounge is a FREE, drop-in afterschool program for students ages 13-19. With guidance from the Teen Lounge Monitor, young artists are encouraged to develop their own creative program by choosing the artists with whom they wish to work. Projects are often collaborative and rely on a strong group dynamic. Projects explore media ranging from clay, painting, and silkscreen to stop-motion animation and darkroom photography.

Dia De Los Muertos

Día de los Muertos is a celebration of the traditional Mexican holiday and is planned by Fleisher in conjunction with La Calaca Flaca (Skinny Skeleton). Every October and November, the committee plans a celebration that spans South Philadelphia including an altar celebration in Fleisher’s Sanctuary, a vigil, and a procession down 9th Street. In addition, Fleisher hosts a number of free workshops where participants work with local artists to create elements of the altar and learn more about the holiday and its importance in Mexican culture.

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