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Philly AIDS Thrift

Hands down the greatest thrift shop in Philly ... possibly, the world!?!

Queen Village / Southwark


Retail, AIDS, Health & Wellness, Community Culture

Philly AIDS Thrift is a LiveCarePhilly Favorite.

This place is so hard to explain. That it's 2 (sometimes 3) floors, a double wide and extremely deep shop is completely overshadowed not just by the onslaught of awesome finds but the deluge of rad Philly culture also. Things I have personally found at Philly AIDS Thrift:

-130 year old, silver water pitcher ($1200+, got it for $75)

-1885, leather bound complete works of Charles Dickens, near mint condition ($350, got it for $30)

-An XBOX 360 w/ 50GB memory ($???, got it for $60)

I have bought literally hundreds of things from here over the last decade. Very rarely do I come out holding anything I expected to find, every day there is new clothing, furniture, tech, entertainment, kitchenwares, books, antiques, collectables and other assortments of wonder and wonderfulness.

Philly AIDS Thrift Website

Philly AIDS Thrift though started as a small thrift store which allocated its profits to help battle AIDS. It continues to offer free testing and support research as well as funding for patients who can not afford treatment.

This is Adam, the GM of Philly AIDS Thrift. He and his steady team (not to mention the loyal and earnest volunteer base) create such a fun environment. From midnight disco's to daily weird facts, blockparties and birthday celebrations to random sales and discounts.

Philly AIDS Thrift isn't just an awesome source of great stuff nor is it just an ingenious way to raise awareness & support ... it is a complete experience. One you haven't had until you've visited many times.

Philly AIDS Thrift Facebook Page

"New favorite place to shop! Great energy! Wonderful folks who volunteer and just a great vibe! Plus the prices are amazing! If you are in philly, this is a must to stop and experience!"

One thing I notice is that constantly the reviews, no matter where you look, are enthusiastic and excited. They do great work because they are a great place run by great people.

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