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Philadelphia Butterfly Pavilion & Insectarium

An unexpected oasis of delight in the Holmesburg corner of Philly


Progressive Business - Butterfly Pavilion & Insectarium

Youth / Adult Education, Nature Centric, Butterflies & Rare Insects ^_^

A blog / write up is in the works.

In the meantime pictures and pertinent information below.

Address: 8064 Frankford Ave

Phone: (215) 335-9500

Website: PhiladelphiaButterflyPavilion.Com

Facebook Link: /PhilaInsects

Instagram Link: @PhilaInsects

Check out their APP ... it's pretty neat. ^_^


If you would like to do a write up or blog entry for Philadelphia Butterfly Pavillion & Insectarium or any other appropriate Philly place, please feel free to do so and send to Love@LiveCarePhilly.Org

Submissions for any NFP, Progressive Business, Museum or Public Art, Garden or Park are genuinely appreciated. Feel free to give as little or much as you'd like.

If you include pictures or quotes please let me know where they came from so I can give credit. And of course when I post your write up / blog entry I will give you mad love on instagram and facebook so feel free to let me know who you are and what you're about to any extent (if just your name cool, or if you'd like me to shout out your business, community, hobby, social media or whatever's clever, also cool).

LiveCarePhilly.Org & LiveCarePhillyNeighborhoods.Org are the efforts of 1 dude who is so in love with Philly that he just wants to do something that might help someone. So it really is sincere when I say anything anyone wants to help with in making these sites rad for others is deeply appreciated.

Thank you for being in the audience, have a wonderful day.


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