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A remarkably impactful and unexpectedly fun food bank.

"What started out as a small food rescue organization operating out of a Subaru, 30+ years later, is an innovative, impactful and collaborative organization distributing more than 24 million pounds of food a year to those in need."

The rabbit hole of their online presence is really engaging. If you start looking them up it becomes obvious their incredible success is the result of concerted efforts & progressive strategies delivered by sincere personalities, playful partnerships and empowerment focused modeling programs.

Personally, my favorite example is their yearly effort with Preston & Steve of WMMR. A link below to a 2019 photo gallery presented by Chorus photography showcases the unbelievable 5 day ruckus that is responsible for raising 2.6 MILLION POUNDS of food AND over $200,000! This annual endeavor has become a Philly hallmark of compassion and ridiculousness but it started a very foolish, flu inducing, sacrificial commitment to make a small difference.

This tradition is one the radio duo began with Philabundance something like 20 years ago in a broken down crap trailer using kindled oil barrels for warmth, in the middle of what was the granite run mall parking lot during the 90's winters (ya, remember those onslaughts of blizzard based state emergencies?! those). Back then they raised food by the 100's of pounds, then the 1000's of pounds but sleeping each night in that parking lot, beacons of compassion for Philabundance.

It's that kind of risk taking, out of the box thinking which has led this fantastic organization to help such incredible amounts of food insecure communities through out Philadelphia. But there is still so much more they can do given the help. And help is not just money nor does it have to be your weekend or even your regular commitment. Infact, it doesn't even have to be you sacrificing. Engage their website in the box below or even better, bookmark it because if food education, insecurity or programs are of interest to your heart, you'll want to see everything they are doing.

I have always wanted to be my own boss, and the PCK program brought that dream back to life for me.

"One third of the hungry people we serve are children – 30,000 kids and their families benefit from our food assistance each week. Our children’s feeding programs, under the KidsBites Initiative, provide access to nutritious food in low-income areas for children and their families. Since its inception, KidsBites has provided almost 250,000 pounds of food to children to provide them the nutrition they need to learn and grow. To meet the needs and size of different communities, Philabundance offers several program models."

Clicking on either one of those two quotes brings you to 1 of just 2 of their program landing pages.

Not every cause is for every concise. We are all led to feel strong toward somethings and though we know in our minds the importance of others, our heart doesn't pound for them. If the causes Philabundance addresses are of importance to you than this is an organization I highly recommend you check out. If not, I hope you keep looking until you find the community waiting for your presence.







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