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Naturally Sweet Desserts / NightOwl Vegan

For the Vegan & Vegan Curious and Who Love To Eat

Kensington (distributed in East Falls & Germantown)

Progressive Business: Bakery & Restaurant

Food Education, Progressive Food Operations & Standards, Accessible Meal Plans

Naturally Sweet Desserts & Night Owl Vegan may be summarized in 1 word, Sherimane.

But Sherimane is not someone I will be able to summarize in a write up.

At first glance she exudes a warm glow, her welcoming smile sweeter than the treats she & the team pull from the oven. But unraveling her story reveals a woman of strength, indomitably committed to inspiring health, well being & self dignity where she can.

I have enjoyed Naturally Sweet Desserts at Amalgam Cafe in Kensington (while I'm at it, you can also find them in Linda's Vegetarian Village in Germantown & East Falls Farmers Market in East Falls) but only recently began to realize what a pioneering business woman and community advocate the founder is.

Naturally Sweet Desserts Website

NightOwn Vegan Website

YWeVegan Podcast & Blog Website

Purple Sweet Potato Cheesecake ... GF Black Bean Brownies ... Maple Bacon Donuts ... these are 3 of nearly 30 ridiculously delicious desserts you can order through Naturally Sweet Delicious's Website (or pick up the next time you're near Amalgam = )

Sherimane packs all 3 of her sites (not to mention, her social media) with life inspiring content. In Naturally Sweet Delicious' blog for example titles such as 5 Ways To Manage Stress During Covid, Racism & Police Brutality is NOT Ok!!!, What's New In Plant Milks, The Benefits of Berries etc. Those are some of the more recent entries and as you see they cover contemporary issue not just of a vegan - culinary culture but of a common culture as well.

Cross over to her blog on NightOwlVegan.Com and you'll find a different library of articles delving into mutually engaging subject matter but more focused on understanding what it is to be and how to go about living as a healthy, well informed vegan. It is here too that if you don't have the time or if you want vegan meals more delicious than you are currently able to prepare yourself, you are able to participate in her meal delivery service.

"I ordered a Tres Leches cake a day before I needed it for a birthday party. They were very professional and made awonderful cake which was more than enough for the number of people. The owner did mention the cake would melt quickly, which I would keep in mind before serving. Delivery charge was $15, and they did a great job with delivery as well. I can't wait for them to become a cafe!"

-Raina S., 5 Star Review

But it goes so much further for Sherimane than just providing vegan meals and inspirational information.

"I partner with the Urban Tree Coalition and the Farm as a Culinary instructor for the UTC Youth Apprentice program.  I teach my students how to cook the vegetables in the weekly CSA box.  It’s been an awesome opportunity to deal directly with food insecurity, providing knowledge about our ancestral relationship with food while promoting cruelty free eating.  The best part of the class is that that students say our virtual cooking class is the best  part of their week!"

The above and below quotes were taken from an email response she sent when I asked if it would be ok to do a little write up on her business.

Part of what I enjoyed about her response was not only learning about things I have not found any mention of in her website (I'm a big fan of the 'humble pioneer') but that she even enlightened me to the existence of Urban Tree Coalition! I am now really excited to do a write up on them ^__^

"NaturallySweet Desserts (vegan bakery) Night Owl Vegan (weekly vegan meal plan delivery service)  and Plant Powered Shift (group and individual wellness coaching) were created to provide those seeking a better way to live with healthy, healing and delicious vegan cuisine, confidence to prepare plant-based meals and partnership to achieve their wellness goals.  The podcast YWe Vegan was created to provide support and information for vegans and the vegan-curious."

Thousands of years ago someone wrote a story about a guy name Daniel who risked his life to honor a vegan diet and was rewarded by both king and G/od with unparalleled riches, power and wisdom. It is no ancient secret though that plant based diets can (perhaps not to such epic proportions as Daniel) lead you to a more powerful mind, longer living & more comfortable body and an overall happy, more attuned way of interacting.

"I'm Sherimane, your vegan evangelist... if you're vegan or vegan-curious you are in the right place."

Sherimane is not your typical, barge-into -your-life-and-tell-you-what-you-are doing-wrong, sorta evangelist. She's more the type to invite you and your family over for a delicious, made from scratch dinner. The kind who in natural discourse reveals that the mouth watering, eye flutter, feet stomping meal before you is actually, vegan. Without pretension she'd testify to it's life changing benefits, telling how when she was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, adopting a plant based diet saved her life.

"My mission is to make eating a plant-based diet more approachable by sharing information about Veganism and the kinds of foods we create."

And though that mission may be a never ending one, she certainly seems to be well on her way.

LiveCarePhilly encourages you to check out her story via any of the website links above or social media / article links below.

As always, Live-Care-Philly.

Naturally Sweet Delicious Facebook Page

NightOwlVegan Facebook Page

Naturally Sweet Delicious Instagram

NightOwl Vegan Instagram

VeganDelicious Twitter

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