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Maternity Care Coalition

"The mission of Maternity Care Coalition is to improve the health and well-being of pregnant women and parenting families, and enhance school readiness for children 0-3."

South Philly / Logan Circle / Mantua / Hunting Park


Women's Empowerment, Family Assistance, Family Health

"Since 1980, Maternity Care Coalition has assisted more than 135,000 families throughout Southeastern Pennsylvania, focusing particularly on neighborhoods with high rates of poverty, infant mortality, health disparities, and changing immigration patterns. We know a family’s needs change as they go through the pregnancy and their child’s first years and we offer a range of services and programs for every step along the way." Click to read more

MCC implements innovative programs to reach families who are struggling to overcome barriers of every day life, barriers that make it difficult for them to manage much less reach out. Programs such as MOMobile, Early Head Start or Crib for Kids.

"MOMobile is a community-based home visiting program that provides free support and education to help families with the changes and challenges that come with pregnancy and parenting. As MCC’s signature home visiting program, MOMobile has assisted families across Southeastern Pennsylvania for more than 25 years. The program’s goals include reducing infant mortality and improving maternal and child health. MOMobile’s staff members, called Advocates, are highly-trained to provide critical support to pregnant women, new parents and families with children ages 0-3. "   About MOMobile

Maternity Care Coalition doesn't just get families through a stage of life. They imbed community and a culture of connectedness in those that come to them. Of course it is always up to the recipient of aid to make as much of the resources afforded as can be made but MCC is an example of a Not-For-Profit which affords resources which truly can lead to an emboldened future.

This is Selma Pace. When she was a young mother in need she felt the love and care Maternity Care Coaltion offers. Years later now Selma is vibrantly impacting communities around Philadelphia in many ways including taking part as a co-chair of the Maternity Care Coalition in the very operations that benefitted her when she was in need. She is not only an example of the effectiveness of MCC's programs are, she is a testimony to the empathy, understanding and dignity which Maternity Care Coalition uniquely offers to those that come to them.

Read more about Selma Pace's journey in this Generocity article.

"Seven Million American Women of Childbearing Age Live in Counties with Limited or No Maternity Care, Contributing to Maternal and Infant Health Crisis, Finds New March of Dimes Report."

PR Newswire Article

Photo taken from Patch.Com article

"Philly Maternity Care Coalition Helps Lower Infant Mortality Rate"

All the more important in times like these (10/10/20) are entities like MCC which navigate unforeseeable challenges zealously and with success.

"Maternity Care Coalition believes that all families thrive when they are healthy and connected to high-quality social services," saidMarianne Fray, CEO of Maternity Care Coalition. "We've seen an increased need for emergency supplies and have created a safe, contact free system for getting diapers, wipes, formula, and cribs to those in need."

PR Newswire examines the efforts & financial resouraces of Maternity Care Coalition and NFP's like it during these times.

Maternity Care Coalition Facebook Page

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