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Lenfest Center

"Lenfest Center aims to improve the life outcomes for community members in Hunting Park and East Tioga."

Hunting Park / East Tioga

Progressive Business

Youth Empowerment, Health & Nutrition, Community Impact

"The Lenfest Center, named for its founder, H. Chase Lenfest, is proud to serve the Hunting Park neighborhood with this 52,000-square-foot building and incredible team. It is operated by North10, Philadelphia.

What you’ll find inside of our doors are high- quality, community-informed programs in academics, athletics, wellness, and enrichment. The Lenfest Center, working closely with selected program partners, fosters a safe, positive, culturally-proficient environment that provides programming and supports for K-12 scholars, their families, and the surrounding community.." Click to read more

North10 utilizes The Lenfest Center to integrate General Academic Support as well as Advanced Academic Studies with a Progressive Athletics Program, Community Centered Culture, Enriched Leadership Values and early set Foundational College & Career Training.

The clear aim is to not just prepare the next generation but condition them to be capable & far reaching as well as introspective, compassionate and community focused.

Below are a series of screengrabs I took from their instagram:  Lanfest Center Instagram

Initially I was looking forward to summarizing several stories and describing the various efforts of North10 & The Lanfest Center but as I was screen grabbing the following images I realized there is too much.

I hope to eventually replace this blog with an interview from someone within the organization that can concisely highlight all of their efforts and ends ...because if I try you'll be reading all day.

Their Mission: Through academic, athletic, and enrichment programming and community partnerships, the Lenfest Center will foster the educational, physical, and social-emotional health and growth of community members, school-aged scholars, and their families in Hunting Park, thereby supporting current and future generations to thrive and live happy, healthy lives.

Stay in touch to learn more about North10 & The Lenfest Center's developing plans to turn a north philly hotel into new, affordable housing. Click here for article

Below is a video from a partnered NFP called SquashSmarts. They use The Lenfest Center as one of their locations.

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