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"Green City Works provides high quality design-build-maintenance landscaping services while transforming the way the industry trains, advances and supports its workforce."

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"Green City Works is a social enterprise that provides high quality landscaping services while connecting local community members to good, stable jobs.  We are committed to advancing our services, our labor force and our community through green space improvements.

Green City Works generates revenue that supports University City District’s social mission of changing places and changing lives. This venture provides UCD with the opportunity to train and serve those with the highest barriers to employment, including the formerly incarcerated." Click to read more

Believe it or not, Philadelphia is one of the greenest and most progressively eco-friendly cities in the country. Here is a link to a 2015 WHYY look at how even back then we were "leaders of the pack" in this regard.

Around 2010 I spent a brief time in Portland Oregon while considering to move there. I had several motivations but chiefly among them was to be among the nations most eco-progressive communities. Portland is amazing and in many ways thoroughly exceeded my expectations. But speaking purely from personal experience, I was shocked to discover that Philly was radically ahead in eco-progressive practices.

A couple examples are restaurant owners who told me it was unfeasible to operate a 0-10% waste kitchen while I got to tell them of 3 I knew of off the type of my head that were doing it in Philly. I met many people who had rooftop gardens but while Philly already had hundreds of if not thousands of square feet in rooftop gardens atop corporate buildings / skyscrapers, almost all of the rooftop greens in Portland seemed to be atop private homes.

It goes on and on from there (don't get me started on the Bee's) but primarily what was so interesting to me was that Filthadelphia seemed to have an eco-progressive culture so pervasive it was almost expected to appear in general business practices while in Portland it was very much still just up to the individual citizen to make an impact.

Green City Works is a fantastic example of this city wide culture. They are a subsidiary of a neighborhood association (UCD, University City District). Entities like them exist as full scale businesses, colleagete activity groups, NFP's & unregistered volunteer efforts, neighborhood groups and so much more. Each entity, like Green City Works, brings it's own special abilities and vision to eco-friendly, urban landscaping & architecture.

This is a really green city despite what we tell ourselves. So if you are looking to spruce up while cleaning up, give Green City Works a gander.

They don't just implement they maintain as well. In fact 50 properties around the city (including some massive college and corporate grounds) already contract them to care for their lush life. You'll recognize their efforts all around 30th Street Station for example.

You may also have enjoyed this sprawling Rain Garden on Penn's Campus or sat on one of their many garden benches along the bridges over the Schuylkill river.

"We’re really happy and [Green City Works is] really filling a need for us that we were having difficulty filling. We give Green City Works free reign, asking ‘What do you think would grow well, and what would look good,’ and they’ve done a great job. I had a lot of confidence that Green City Works was going to do what they said they were going do, and they very much did."

Jim Zaleski

Director of Facilities, Wistar Institute

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