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"Opportunity communities are characterized by increasing prosperity, affordable housing, growing businesses, great schools, safe streets, creative spaces, and an engaged community life."

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Neighborhood Development / Housing Services / Immigration Services / Educational Services / Arts & Culture / Carer Development

"Woven throughout Esperanza’s suite of programs and services is a belief that while  transitioning poverty to opportunity relies on ramps that are bothinandofthe neighborhoods they serve; the spark of lasting change ultimately begins within people and our ability to reinforce alternate narratives, such as the hope and belief in the possibility of an improved life. This critical personal asset of self-efficacy underlies Esperanza’s theory of change." Click to read more

Esperanza is wasting no time and no effort in impacting the lives of newly integrated Philadelphians as well as generationally planted, the young and elderly regardless of circumstance or creed. They are dedicated to revitalization through servitude and refortification through community. And their communities are only growing both in culture and impact.

Housing development, musical proficiency, linguitical skills ... all of these things need building blocks which require both resources and help to utilize. Esperanza is making the effort to make the difference.

"We envision geographies of poverty being transformed by hope into communities of opportunity. Opportunity communities are places where people want to live."

"A key part of our mission to strengthen Hispanic families is to help them achieve economic self-sufficiency. Esperanza’s workforce development program equip people with the job readiness skills they need to find and keep employment, and achieve economic stability."


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