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Updated: Oct 8, 2020

The foundation formed by a Chef who has proven his uncommon deservedness of the celebrity given him.

Chef Vetri is a remarkable leader who has sacrificed tremendously dedicating his talents and resources to bolstering the lives of 10's of 1000's of Philadelphians in many capacities. The variety of programs is only out numbered by the vast partnerships The Vetri Community has formed.

You'll find Vetri Community listed in almost every neighborhood in Philadelphia. This is because is almost all the 65 neighborhoods they have found a partnership waiting to happen or a spot ready to be filled. Click here to see their interactive partnership location map!!! It's awesome, no seriously ... I'll wait, click HERE and check it out!

Team Vetri has and continues to implement ingenious, engaging ideas, both big and small to address issues of all natures centered around food distribution, businesses, nutrition & health, access, education, community, youth (especially youth) and so much more.

The deeper you look the more you'll see evidence of playful curiosities being met with playful guidance. It's a wonderful culture for incredible impact that The Vetri Community builds. Below are just a few screen grabs from just 1 page in their extensive online presence. If youth education, food insecurity, gourmet culinary adventures and the like interest you than VetriCommunity.Org is a LiveCarePhilly must visit.

Click here to see exactly what The Vetri Community means when the say WHATEVER IT TAKES.

...these guys are awesome.

"At Vetri Community Partnership, we find joy in preparing flavorful recipes that move nourishing foods like vegetables, fruits and whole grains to the center of the plate. Preparing food should make you feel good and eating it should make you feel even better.

We believe in "any vegetable, any way" because whether its fresh, canned or frozen, budget-conscious, longer-lasting choices often take priority."

-Mission & History (Click Here to read more)

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