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Career Wardrobe

"The Wardrobe where everyone – and everything – deserves a second chance."

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Women's Empowerment, Career Development, Upcycled Retail

"The Wardrobe (formerly Career Wardrobe) is a nonprofit social enterprise that uses clothing to inspire change. We are open to all and our goal is to eliminate clothing insecurity by outfitting people for life or work. Clothing combined with personalized support helps 5,000 people a year look and feel their best to move forward in their lives." Click to read more

"Our services are open to anyone who needs clothing to help them move to employment or independence.  We require appointments for our services so that we can help you find the perfect outfit for your needs.

Clothing is free to those in need because as a nonprofit, we are supported by government partners, foundations, and individuals. We are also open to shoppers and every item sold in our stores helps to keep our services free for someone who cannot afford to pay. "  

"In the past 14 years, The Career Wardrobe has grown from a grassroots organization run solely by volunteers to the nation's largest, independent community-based organization dedicated to assisting women successfully transition to work by providing professional attire, networking opportunities and career skills training. Our unique services start with providing free professional clothing and image consultation to teach women how to make a positive first impression. But our mission is more than clothes - we help women arrive at a level of self-confidence that enables them to improve their lives and achieve independence. The increased self-esteem that comes from securing and maintaining employment not only helps individual women, but contributes to stable families, which, in turn, improves to the viability and safety of our communities. Current programs include: * Professional Dressing and Image Consultation: to provide interview, training or work attire for women transitioning to employment. * Gateway to Success Educational Programs: professional development seminars and Dress to Impress workshops. * Beauty Basics: beauty products and toiletry items to provide the "finishing touch" for a clients' new outfit. * Resume Review and Mock Interviews: one-on-one feedback and resume critique provided by volunteer human resources professionals so clients look great on paper, too! * Professional Women's Network: peer networking and mentoring program for alumni of The Career Wardrobe to help them maintain employment and continue to be motivated to advance in their new careers."

"I sorted through massive amounts of donations to find clean professional clothing in good repair to offer to women trying to get into the workforce. I was amazed at the amount and quality of the donations and glad to know that they would be helping someone, not just to cover their backs, but to give them confidence when they had their interviews and hopefully help them land, not just a job, but the job they need to support themselves and their families. The staff were amazing, helpful, friendly and very hard working."

Check out CareerWardrobe.Org for information on their programs and how to make an appointment or donate.

Here's a link to their Facebook Page as well.

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