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Bouvier Gardens

"The Bouvier Community Garden is a place of beauty and rejuvenation for our community."

Point Breeze / Newbold


Community Gardens

"At Bouvier Gardens we take part in a sustainable community food system, foster environmental education and healthy recreation, and preserve valuable open space for ourselves and our children."

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"The concept of connecting with neighbors has become something of an urban myth in modern living, which revolves smartphones and computers. But in the hustle and flow of everyday life, certain organizations, like the Newbold Neighbors Association, remain committed to trying to maintain this human need for contact within their communities.

Newbold, which ranges from Broad Street to 18th Street and Washington Avenue to Passyunk Avenue, is a micro-community within the Point Breeze section of South Philadelphia."

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The second annual NNA block party recently celebrated the end of the Bouvier Community Garden’s growing season. Earlier that morning residents and NNA members participated in a neighborhood-wide cleanup to remove litter from selected blocks. Residents enjoyed an afternoon full of food, music and corn hole among other outdoor games.

Andrew Marx, former president of the NNA, commented on the mixed reactions to the group’s efforts in the neighborhood.

“It’s been different from person to person,” Marx said. “Half the people we talk to are happy with what’s going on, half are unhappy that it’s the new folks, not the old folks doing it. I know we have a lot of old folks that wish their kids had gotten more involved. They want to see people involved but they don’t always like the fact that it’s the new folks doing it.”

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Bouvier Gardens, like many in Philly have been staying active and relavent through this covid time.

Hosting education online and assisting in fundraisers, they are not letting quarantine keep them from growing themselves or those around them.

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