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Bok Building & Bar

A platform to host some of the city's cultural leaders, musicians, makers, chefs, entrepreneurs and artists to share their work.

"Bok Bar is a seasonal bar located atop the historic BOK building in South Philly. Things are different this summer. New, scary, weird, hopeful, changing. We must be a part of that change for the better. For the Summer of 2020, we will use our platform to host some of the city’s cultural leaders, musicians, makers, chefs, entrepreneurs and artists to share their work."

"Last summer, Bok Bar opened as a pop-up on the rooftop terrace of a shuttered Philadelphia high school. Crowds came fast and hard for the incredible city views and the dilapidated interior of a building that holds a certain haunting appeal. Bok is now back and better than ever. Here’s what you need to know." Click here to read the rest of what Zaggat has to say ...

Bok Bar, the roof deck atop the Bok Building in South Philly, is reopening for summer 2020 with a focus on being more than “just a bar.” In addition to hosting pop-up dinners, fitness classes and other special programming with a diverse group of Black, indigenous, and women-owned companies, Bok Bar’s management is implementing a generous paid sick leave policy for employees, and raising wages for employees. Click here for PhillyMag's June 2020 rundown on how this impressive business model is adapting toward an even stronger community before maximum profit during these challenging times.

Click here to learn more about everything from rooftop yoga and weddings to artist representation and progressive employer practices Bok offers.

"Everyone works together here," says Megan Stover, a ceramicist who works on the first floor of Bok and also owner of a home just few blocks away. "The furniture maker crafts tables for the business next door, the letterpress artist illustrates earring cards for the jewelry maker, the photographer shoots portraits for the baker's new website — everyone's talents come together to create this incredible and rewarding environment."

-Philadelphia Inquirer (click here for full article)

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