Hunting Park / East Tioga

  Hunting Park / East Tioga is home to apx. 6,340 residents of which 30% are 19 or younger. Median household income is apx. 37-38,000 less than the national average. 40% of it's residents live in poverty with an additional 20% living in extreme poverty.

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   Hunting Park / East Tioga however, is in Philadelphia. As with so many of this cities neighborhoods, the impact of brotherly love is effecting every day life. 

   North10 in partnership with Hunting Park NAC, Called to Serve, The Lenfest Center and more are working to "improve the life outcomes for residents of Hunting Park through a holistic, integrated, and sustainable approach to creating a vibrant neighborhood." But they are not alone.

   LiveCarePhilly looks forward to delving into this aspiring community, let us know what you know that we don't. 


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